Mad Men Music Group is a high-skilled collaboration of professional musicians with decades of experience and thousands of performances under their belt. Individually they have worked on and off stage with household names such as the Temptations and the Supremes, which has paved way for their involvement in the Soul Legends Experience Tour scheduled to take place in 2022 across Europe and the U.S.

Formed out of the Netherlands in 2015, the Mad Men have performed at numerous events including concerts, cover shows and festivals. The band is known for its funky and upbeat performances that spread across various genres such as jazz, soul, rock and disco to name just a few.

Comprised of up to 18 members including multiple vocalists, percussionists, bass, guitar, keyboard, a horn section and a DJ; the Mad Men are certainly not limited in their range or their style. The group writes and produces tons of original music for the band and for the artists of active music management, in addition to performing songs within their expansive list of covers.

As a whole they are Mad Men Music Group, but they are unique in that they can deliver a variety of lineups. From private parties to corporate events the Mad Men are happy to arrange and form the most suitable lineup and ensure that every show is a success!

Watch out! They are MAD MEN