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Free Bears 2018
„On a summer night“ the title of the present album of the Fre Bears,
although the seasons don ́t really matter, ́cause the Free Bears are rockin
the roofs off in spring, winter and autumn as well. So each and every night
turns out to be a „summer night“ – an Americana night. Americana means a
wild mélange of Country, Rock n Roll, Folk, Blues, Bluegrass and Rock and
whatever matters and is whole lotta fun. Having fun is the main point in the 4
musicians life, what else?
2018 will be another cool year of good music, wild shows and givin it all tot
he people. And even 2018 will be another year of getting all the pretty girls
into smiling and dancing and making their boys hating us because we know
what to do.
Sometimes bands break up by living that life on tour – well, it just keeps us
closer to each other G. Foxman (Vocals, Guit) C. Aufermann (Drums & Voc),
Reinhold Brieseck (Bass & Voc) und Norbert Hehemann (Guit & Voc) are – and
that ́s the point – authentic and true.
That ́s how a FREE BEARS show works – full of patience and truth, dirt und

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